Ragay is one of the growth centers in the First District of Camarines Sur. Being strategically located along the coast of Ragay Gulf, and bisected by two major transport routes: the Quirino Highway and the Philippine National Railways, Ragay’s viability of development cannot be ignored.

       Ragay stands right in the path of socio-economic development path of Camarines Sur. Resourse-wise, Ragay has added advantages; its proximity to Metropolitan Manila, the rich fishing ground of Ragay Gulf, the hardworking people, its vast lands, and its being traversed by Quirino Highway. These put Ragay among its neighboring towns.

          So much so with the rapid development led by its economic growth, it is indispensable for us to mention the real wealth of the municipality: its people, the Ragayanos, and natural place. Ragay is blessed with people of rich and diverse origins coming from the nearby places of the municipalities. Its dialects range from friendly Tagalog­­—Batangan to polite Bikol. The vibrant personality of the Tagalog—Batangan has been well known in the southern and northern part of the municipality.

          The blooming religiosity of the people is very much evident in the active participation to their respective religious sects. These are some of the many proofs of the cultural diversity of the people. Thus, we can also consider Ragay as the Middle Ground for the Tagalogs and the Bicolanos. With its blessing the diverse cultural background of the people, it is also worthy of mention the best of Bicol with so much potentialities to become a hotspot because of its natural place. Aside from fact that most of its land area is devoted for agricultural industries, Ragay is a potential tourists’ hotspot for the rest of the country. In the Inventory of Potential Tourist Spots by the MPDC—Ragay , said agency identified 12 places ranging from beaches, falls, streams as well as caves. Seven of which are still potentials to be developed by the government authorities. If given the opportunity to develop the tourism industry it would create greater impact in the development of the province as well as it will bloom the municipal’s income.