Recently, there was a shift in the perspective or the way we see local governance in the fulfillment of our responsibilities to the citizenry.  Instead of focusing on the bureaucratic structure, we try to make stakeholders the focal point of our activities.  Such perspective highlights the principles of governance aimed at promoting transparency, participation and accountability. It is with these principles that we decided to establish this website.

              In this website, we want our local government to be more transparent by making public all relevant information regarding our municipal operations. Here, we will go beyond from just merely complying with policies to people empowerment through knowledge or information sharing.

             Furthermore, we do not just want our people to be informed about our activities but more important is our commitment for transparency and people participation.  Let us stress that we aim for a government of all stakeholders and not a government of a few.  Allow us, therefore, to unite the great minds of our people for the noble purpose local development.

             Lastly, it is also our hope that this website would pave the way to improved accountability for all of us as we unite and engage ourselves in governance.  Rest assured that we will always be partners in our journey to success and triumph as we improve the quality of life of our people.

          TO ALL RAGAYANOS, welcome to our website.  We pray that we all continue to show our commitment to build a transparent, participative and accountable government.




Municipal Mayor